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The Relationship Between Bella Thorne and Tana Mongeau

Bella Thorne and Tana Mongeau

The relationship between Bella thorne and Tana Mongeau has been a hot topic in the media. They were once friends but have been feuding on Twitter. The former reality star called out the former girlfriend for her “attention-seeking tweets.” In response, Mongeau tweeted, “Like babe where’s the truth.” The fan who posted the response called Mongeau’s tweets attention-seeking.

The Twitter argument Between Mongeau and Thorne

The Twitter argument between Mongeau and Thorne seems to have gone offline. While both have been active on social media, their rift has now spilled over into their personal lives. Last month, Mongeau got engaged to controversial YouTuber Jake Paul. When this news broke, Thorne shared several photos of herself crying, captioned “when ur ex gets engaged.” It was not long before the engagement was announced. In the days after the wedding, Mongeau posted a video calling out Thorne. The video was viewed by thousands of people worldwide and led to Mongeau tweeting apologies for her comments.


Mongeau Relationship Offline

Bella Thorne and Tana Mongeau
Bella Thorne and Tana Mongeau

The two women’s Twitter feud appears to have taken their relationship offline. Mongeau recently became engaged to controversial YouTuber Jake Paul, who has become a household name. The two women also recently had a public falling-out over the news. Though they did not publicly acknowledge their breakup, they have appeared in various photos together. As far as her past relationship with Thorne, she had previously been linked to Thorne’s ex-partner Mod Sun.

Scandal With Bella Thorne

As the recent scandal with Bella Thorne shows, Tana Mongeau is still a hot topic. The controversial YouTuber has made a number of racist tweets in the past. This could have led to the breakup, which was rumored to be related to Mongeau’s drinking with Mod Sun. However, the former dated Bella Thorne and is now engaged to YouTuber Jake Paul.

Bella Thorne and Tana Mongeau Officially Together

The Twitter feud between Bella Thorne and Tana Mongeau is real and rumored to be real. While Bella was in a relationship with Tana, the two were never officially together. It is possible that the feud was due to her drinking with Mod Sun, who is Bella’s ex-partner. The two are now engaged and live on separate continents. She also has a new boyfriend, Jake Paul, who is engaged to YouTuber Jake Paul.

Mongeau Got Engaged

While the Twitter feud is a serious matter, the relationship between Bella and Tana Mongeau remains private. The two remained friends for a while, but they later broke up after the former alleged that she had violated the girl code. The two have since gone on to share photos of themselves crying as the engagement ceremony took place. In February, Thorne’s former partner, Mod Sun, and Mongeau met again and got engaged.

Two Women have Been Involved in Twitter

While the two women have been involved in a Twitter feud for a long time, they’ve now moved on to offline. They’ve both taken their anger on the internet to the real world. In February, Mongeau had a teasing argument with her former girlfriend, Bella Thorne. The two also tangled on the Internet, and she’s still not over it.

Controversy Between Mongeau and Bella Thorne

While the two have a long-standing friendship, the Twitter user has not forgotten about the recent controversy between Mongeau and Bella Thorne. Although the two have a long history of online drama, the star’s alleged affair with Kahlen Barry is still ongoing. The couple recently announced their engagement. They also have been seen together on the streets of Los Angeles. While the rumors surrounding the relationship were initially negative, the reality star is a model who is very popular on YouTube.

Social Media Accounts followers

Tana Mongeau is a reality TV star and a popular YouTuber. In her social media accounts, she’s open with her fans and shares personal messages that she wants to be read by her fans. Despite her busy schedule, she makes a fortune in her multi-career. While she is an online sensation, she is also very popular with her fans. Using her Twitter account is a great way to connect with her followers.

Relationship With Trash Creator Kahlen Barry

The YouTube star is also a big part of the controversy surrounding her relationship with Trash creator Kahlen Barry. Her recent breakup with Kahlen Barry is the subject of a heated Twitter discussion, and Thorne was also present at the show. The two have since apologized for their comments. But the issue of racism on social media hasn’t been resolved and they’re still going strong. So, while the two are now separated, they’re still bonded by the common bond they share.


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