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WWE Raw Results: Winners, Grades, Reaction and Highlights

WWE Raw Results

The Raw match was a major event(WWE Raw Results), and the crowd was buzzing with anticipation and excitement. This was a match where both men weighed in at 286 pounds, but the difference in weight was minimal. That’s why it’s so interesting to watch. Brock Lesnar landed a big clothesline on Bobby Lashley in the opening moments, mocking him and calling him a “Bobby-who.” This was a great match for both men, and the Raw audience was thrilled to see this.

Still a Popular Show Even Today WWE Raw Results

Raw was a staple on TNN for many years, and it was still a popular show even today. In 2000, it aired on TNN. After several years on TNN, WWE announced a deal with Slam! Sports to bring the show back to USA Network. In August 2011, a special edition of RAW was added to the line-up, and it was analyzed by Nemer, one of the company’s leading fans.

WWE has Changed the Nature of The Show

The second episode was a classic, but it also showed how WWE has changed the nature of the show since its debut. The show has now become a live televised event, which is why more people are tuning in to watch it. Wrestling has now become the largest entertainment company in the world, with over three billion viewers each week. It is also the only one of its kind to offer live televised television entertainment, and it will continue to do so in the future.

WWE Raw Result Was a Major Upse

This episode was a rematch between two rivals, which was a surprise to many. The match was between the two women. In addition, the rematch between Nikki and Seth Rollins featured the former WWE Champion, and the former U.S. Champion, Brock Lesnar. They faced off during the ring on September 20, and the Raw result was a major upset. In the following episode, the WWE champion announced his opponent as Roman Reigns.

Woman Was able to Defeat in WWE

The second episode of WWE Raw saw The Miz and Lily team up against KOD. Both of them were able to take advantage of their opponents. This was the first time a woman was able to defeat a man twice his size. In addition to this, the Miz and Maryse fought against the Miz. The Miz’s team was unable to stop them from getting the win. Neither of them was able to overcome The Miz.

WWE Raw Results Started

The WWE Raw Results started out with a review of the Royal Rumble and the return of Edge on November 29. The two also reviewed a match between Big E and Kevin Owens, a non-title match between the two. They also discussed a match between the two superstars and the Royal Rumble. They also talked about the upcoming WrestleMania. Then, Adam Pearce greeted viewers to the show, announcing that the WWE Champion will be defending his WWE Championship against the U.S. champ on February 19.

WWE Reviewed Big E’s Match

The WWE Raw Results started off with a review of Edge’s return to WWE on November 29. The two also reviewed Big E’s match against Kevin Owens, which ended with the former defending his title. The Bro snuckles up with Lily in the corner after he was thrown out of the match. Then, the ring was interrupted by Alexa and Alicia Fox. During the show, they argued with each other, and the match was later abandoned.

First Part of The Night WWE

The WWE Raw results began with the usual intro video. Then, a graphic was shown in memory of the late “The Natural” Butch Reed. The finals of this show were followed by a replay of the final. The Raw results were broadcast live on USA Network, and the match ended with the winner of the match. This match ended in a draw, while the first part of the night ended with the PPV.

The Royalrumble Was a Fluke

As for the match itself, the WWE Raw Results ended with a WWE Rumble. In the Royal Rumble, the WWE Champion Bobby Lashley was celebrating his victory and was being interviewed by Adam Pearce. However, Brock Lesnar interrupted the interview and sat down next to the announcer. The MMA star said, “The Royalrumble was a fluke, and the win was nothing more than a fluke.”


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