Fortnite Visitor Records in Fortnite


Fortnite visitor recordings are small cassette tapes that can found in different rift zones. These tapes will earn you Season XP and increase your Battle Royale Season Level. You can find the first recording on the back of a truck in the northeast corner of the island. The second recording can found in Retail Row on the second floor. The third recording can be found on the old Paradise Palms hotel.

The Second Floor of Building Fortnite

There are various ways to obtain Visitor Recordings. The best way to find them is to go to the second floor of buildings and search for rifts. If you collect them all, you will receive the corresponding reward. A rare white Scientist skin has also unlocked. These are the best way to collect the recording, and the rewards will increase as you complete them. So, be sure to get them all before the Overtime challenge ends.

Rewarded With a White Scientist Skin

The next visitor recording in Fortnite is the Eternal Voyager skin. If you can collect all of these, you will earn an exclusive, white scientist skin. Then, you can collect all of them to unlock the Eternal Voyager skin. The rewards for this challenge are pretty awesome. After completing all of the challenge, you will also rewarded with a white Scientist skin and an Eternal Voyager skin!

Overtime Challenges

The first Visitor Recording is located in Floating Island, which is just south of Moisty Palms. The second Visitor Recording has found in a bookstore in Retail Row. The sixth is located in the sandbox near a bookshop. Getting all six Visitor Records will earn you a Secret Skin. This skin is only available to Battle Pass owners. If you have a Battle Pass, you can also take part in the Out of Time Overtime Challenges.

Visitor Recordings in Six Locations

You can earn the Eternal Voyager skin in Season 10. You can get this skin in the Season 10 map rift zone & also earn bonus XP by completing the Visitor Recordings in six locations. However, this challenge can only completed when you have a high Season XP. If you don’t have this yet, you can wait until it comes out. If you haven’t played the game yet, you should try it out and give it a try!

Ability to Use the Rift Beacons in Fortnite

The Visitor Recordings have found in rifts in Fortnite. You can find them in various locations on the map, but the best place to find them is the bookshop. The visitor Recordings in the Book Shop are hidden, but you can still get them by doing a simple search for them. The secret skin will only revealed once you complete all six. This skin will give you the ability to use the Rift Beacons on the map.

Recordings have Hidden in Different Locations

In addition to the Rift Beacons, you can also earn the secret white Scientist skin by collecting the Visitor Recordings. These recordings have hidden in different locations, but you can find them in rifts in the middle of buildings. These are very useful, and they will allow you to get a lot of XP for your account. This skin can only be obtained by the spawns. You can also earn a lot of XP by finding rifts in the right places.

Get Them by Searching

The first Visitor Recordings in Fortnite have hidden in different rift zones, and you must collect them to unlock the reward. These are also useful if you want to find a hidden item that will help you find a specific item, but most of the Visitor Recordings in Fortnite can be collected in any place. You can get them by searching the streets, and they are usually located near rifts.

Recording in Each Zone & Earn in Fortnite

The Visitor Recordings are hidden in different places, but you can also get them on Floating Island. Currently, you can find Visitor Recordings in rifts in the second floors of buildings. You can collect one Recording in each zone to earn the secret white Scientist skin. You can also collect these Visitor Recordings in the rifts that can found in the desert biome. The bonus for collecting them is a rare white Scientist skin.


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