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The New DART Central Station and Administrative Offices

dart central

DART Central Station is the heart of the Greater Des Moines transit system, located at 620 Cherry Street in downtown Des Moines. The new station has LEED Platinum certified, the highest level under the LEED rating system. The facility’s operations have a goal to reduce pollution and create a healthier environment for customers. It is open to the public seven days a week, from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Efficiency of Moving People

The building’s design aims to maximize the efficiency of moving people and vehicles in a safe, efficient manner. It features a climate-controlled interior customer waiting area, and covered walkways to transfer between trains. The building contains several offices, including a Customer Service office, to improve service for customers and a corporate office for DART staff. The facility is designed to be energy efficient, and ‘green’ practices are incorporated throughout the construction process.

Administrative Offices for DART Staff

DART Central has been striving to make their facility as safe as possible, so that both cars and people can ride in comfort. Designed to maximize efficiency, DART’s new facility features a protected pedestrian zone at the transfer platforms and administrative offices for DART staff. Its large, ‘iconic’ canopy offers both protection and a powerful image for the system against the city skyline. The building has expected to last at least 15 years, so DART will be able to reuse it.

Functional and Visually Appealing

The building’s exterior reflects the company’s commitment to sustainability. It is built with energy efficiency in mind, and the building’s ‘green’ design demonstrates the DART’s commitment to environmental sustainability. The facility’s interior focuses on an ambiance that encourages a sense of well-being for the city. Whether you’re traveling on public transit or a private automobile, the design will be functional and visually appealing.

New Facility Here

The facility was designed with safety in mind. A’safe pedestrian zone’ was established at the administrative building and the customer waiting area, which extended through the site to connect the transfer platforms. A large, ‘iconic’ canopy also creates an iconic image of DART, against the city skyline. The space has a wide variety of other benefits, and the building will not be fully operational for some time. You can download the design plan your trip to the new facility here.

The Primary Objective of The Project

The design of the DART facility is focused on safety. The building has designed to move people efficiently and safely. It features a protected pedestrian zone between the customer waiting area and the transfer platforms. A large ‘iconic’ canopy provides shade while maintaining an iconic image of DART Central against the city’s skyline. It also creates a strong image for DART, which is the primary objective of the project. A great place to get your daily fix of caffeine is right around the corner!

DART Central Building

The DART facility has designed to maximize efficiency and safety. A large ‘iconic’ canopy stretches from the administrative building to the customer waiting area and the transfer platforms. This canopy protects people from the elements of the site and establishes an iconic image for DART, despite its size. Another great feature of the DART central building is that it has surrounded by a green roof. This ‘green’ roof not only keeps the building cooler, but also makes it more energy efficient.

Comfortable Environment for Customers

The design of the DART central station maximizes efficiency and safety, while providing a pleasant and relaxing environment for customers. The building features covered walkways that allow customers to transfer from vehicle to vehicle. The building’s climate-controlled interior provides a warm, comfortable environment for customers. DART Central large meeting room is available for free for non-profit community groups and individuals. In addition to the meeting room, DART Central also features a coffeehouse called Java Joe’s. This space will be vacant until a replacement vendor has chosen.

Passengers Between Cars and Buses

The DART central station is a multi-functional transportation facility that allows passengers to transfer between cars and buses safely. It also provides a climate-controlled interior customer waiting area. DART’s administrative offices and Customer Service offices are located in the building. The facility is a ‘green’ building that maximizes energy efficiency and environmentally-friendly practices. This iconic design helps to establish a positive image of DART Central within the community.

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