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Best Chick Flicks on Netflix 2022

Chick Flicks on Netflix

The best chick flicks on netflix aren’t necessarily those geared toward higher-brow audiences. These films are often viewed as low-brow, but they’re actually available on Netflix, Prime, Hulu, and Cinema List. And if you can’t get enough of them, you can always catch a new one on your favorite streaming service. Here are some of our favorites:

Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging

If you’re looking for a funny teen romance, you should try Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snowgging. The 2008 comedy is based on the books by Louise Rennison. Although it’s rated PG, it is definitely worth checking out. In this comedy, you’ll get to know an awkward teen girl and her annoying sister.

Chick Flicks on Netflix

She’s Gotta Have It Chick Flicks on Netflix

The upcoming Spike Lee remake, She’s Gotta Have It, is set in gentrified Fort Greene, Brooklyn, in 2022. Nola Darling is a 20-something artist who divides her time between work and a social life. Greer Childs and Mars Blackmon play her friends, and Jamie Overstreet plays her adoring investment banker boyfriend. But as with all Spike Lee movies, this remake is not without its flaws.

“She’s Gotta Have It” is a funny and inspiring story of female empowerment that is also a topical portrait of rising artists. It follows a young, free-spirited artist named Nola Darling, who struggles to find her place in the world as a successful, but still a sexy artist. In her quest for artistic success, Nola struggles against the corporate world and her newfound fame.

Chick Flicks on Netflix Sweet & Sour

When will Sweet & Sour chick flicks debut on Netflix? The release date hasn’t set yet, but fans will surely thrilled to see the new show. Directed by Lee Gye Byeok, the new movie will show the real taste of love. A paradoxical title, it describes how love changes from sweet to bitter. The film will also feature a new actor, Jang Ki Yong, who will portray the uninterested Jang Hyuk. Expect to feel your heart pounding!

Sweet & Sour is a romantic comedy that depicts the sugary and acidic aspects of relationships. Jang Hyeok (Jang Ki-yong) and Jung Da-eun (Chae Soo-bin) become long-distance lovers when Jang-hyeok gets a new job. As their distance increases, their love life changes.

Chick Flicks on Netflix

She’s Gotta Have It 3

A third season of the hit show She’s Gotta Have It is on the way. Netflix ordered season 3 last year and Lee has been shopping it around for several months. The premiere date of season three will be around the same time as season two, which would be Halloween in 2022. The director has also working on another feature film, so it’s likely that season three will delayed even further.

The show follows the free-spirited artist Nola Darling, played by DeWanda Wise. As her life becomes more successful, she struggles with how to handle her newfound fame, and her journey eventually transforms the lives of those around her. Season one aired on Nov. 23, 2017 and have renewed in May 2018.

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