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Office 365 Backup Solutions – Best 4 Solutions of Office 365

office 365 backup solutions

If you’re looking for office 365 backup solutions, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll talk about Veeam, N-Able, HubStor, and UpSafe. If you’re not sure which one to choose, keep reading for our quick reviews. All of these services provide excellent protection for your data, but which one should you choose? Here’s what to look for in an office 365 backup solution.


When you need to back up your Office 365 environment, UpSafe Office 365 backup solutions can help. You can customize your backup schedules with different triggers to start your backup process when needed. You can set the frequency of backups and the actions you would like to take when the task starts. Additionally, you can create your own custom restore points and choose between the past and future versions of your files. You can also view all of the files you’ve backed up so far.

UpSafe is an effective cloud-based backup solution. It can restore data in the event of accidental loss or malicious attacks. It also provides additional security for OneDrive accounts. Users can also use UpSafe to restore their data if there is a problem with their PC, such as a hardware failure or a software bug. The software is easy to use, so even a novice can make use of it. The main difference between Office 365 backup and G Suite backup is the number of cloud services that UpSafe supports.

Another key feature of UpSafe Office 365 Backup is its customizable backup schedules. They can be set up to automatically backup or resume Office 365 applications. You can also create different backup schedules for different applications, including Exchange, SharePoint, and Google. Furthermore, the backup process can be configured to give the user highest privileges. You can even set specific passwords for different users so that they cannot access your sensitive data. If you have more than one Office 365 account, you’ll need to use different UpSafe backup solutions to protect the data.

When you use UpSafe Office 365 backup solutions, you can protect the data on your Office 365 account from loss by encrypting your data and storing it on a separate server. You can also use this solution with Microsoft’s Azure Active Directory and encrypt your backups using AES 256-bit encryption. And since Office 365 is a powerful suite of products, you need a reliable solution to protect the information. With the help of UpSafe Office 365 backup solutions, you can restore lost or deleted files and restore them back to their original location with a few clicks.

office 365 backup solutions


Veeam office 365 backup solutions can help businesses secure their data against disaster. The company is a leader in data management, backup, and recovery. The new v6 version of Veeam Office 365 backup solutions helps companies securely backup and restore data to any location, hyperscale cloud, or service provider. This latest release of Veeam Office 365 backup solutions includes new features that improve security and save time for IT departments.

Veeam’s Office 365 backup solution simplifies the protection of data across SharePoint Online, Exchange Online, OneDrive for Business, and Teams. It meets compliance requirements, addresses the threat of ransomware attacks, and addresses the needs of both compliance and eDiscovery. Veeam Office 365 backup solutions also support Cloudian, the industry’s leading S3-compatible storage platform. Both Cloudian and Veeam are easy to integrate and provide high-speed RPO/RTO, as well as encryption at rest and in motion.

Veeam office 365 backup solutions have several disadvantages. Their lack of scalability makes them unsuitable for organizations with over 4,000 users. In addition, Veeam is difficult to use for organizations with a large number of users. Backups for an 80TB M365 database could take three weeks. Moreover, Veeam requires a powerful server with a large amount of RAM and flash storage.

The backup speed of Veeam is impressive and the recovery rate is high. It can restore deleted items from Office 365. Veeam also supports SharePoint online backup. It also supports Exchange online, OneDrive, and Teams. You can also restore items from Teams Lists as binary files. If you don’t want to spend money on restoring Office 365 data, you can opt for the other eight O365 backup solutions.


In a world of IT infrastructure management, enterprise data management is key to the success of any company. Business-critical data must be protected from all risk factors, and this is particularly true in the cyberspace. With a cloud-first backup solution from N-Able, your company’s data is in good hands. However, before you sign up for a service, consider a few points before committing.

First, N-able Backup protects data on a local server before transferring it to the cloud. The data is encrypted using AES 256-bit encryption over a secure connection. Furthermore, you can choose your own private encryption key if you like. To secure the data, install the authenticator app during setup. This allows you to add your security code and recovery code to the service. It takes less than an hour to backup your entire office. N-able Backup also allows you to backup shared mailboxes without impacting your business.

Besides providing protection for your office data, N-able also helps you recover lost data from the cloud. This company’s backup solution manages Microsoft 365 data, enabling you to protect your business from disaster. Its cloud backup solution offers a secure private cloud hosting service. The N-able cloud backup solutions offer full-service recovery and minimize downtime for your business. They also promote customer retention and improve your service reputation.

Aside from cloud storage, N-able Backup also includes a host for your computer’s backup. Backup Manager uses a backup process to backup system state and files, including system registry settings. Users must select a system partition for this backup, which excludes user data and program files. Backups can also be performed on network shares, Oracle, VMware, and external hard drives. There are several other features that make the N-able backup solution more versatile and effective.

office 365 backup solutions


When implementing Office 365 backup solutions, the key to success is having granular content recovery. While most SaaS solutions use redundant storage to provide high availability, the data in such backups is not real backup. It’s not possible to recover from malicious activity without real backup. HubStor office 365 backup solutions provide such granular content recovery, which is critical for the safety of sensitive data.

Data is vital for businesses but it’s also surprisingly vulnerable. Losing data can cripple processes, damage reputation, and the bottom line. By partnering with HubStor office 365 backup solutions, businesses can enjoy the advantages of data backup in a single pane of glass, all in one place. However, this isn’t for everyone. To find out if HubStor is right for your business, read on.

Despite the fact that most Office 365 backup solutions are unable to protect SharePoint Online data, HubStor is different. As a cloud-based platform, HubStor integrates with Azure Active Directory for synchronized access control. Its strict security policies ensure strict data-level authorization, which is essential for protecting your data from unwanted changes. Its long-term data protection is another significant benefit for Office 365 users. It’s cost-effective, secure, and searchable.

Office 365 backup solutions offer a flexible platform for creating different backup policies. Unlike the traditional method of backup, it’s difficult to scale and is tricky to perform. This is primarily due to API throttling. Many Office 365 backup vendors are designed for small businesses and therefore cannot handle large volumes of data. And even those that can handle terabytes of data will struggle to accommodate incremental backups.

HubStor offers full support for Microsoft 365 Multi-Geo data. Users can set automated backup policies at a global and per-user level, based on geo-location data from Azure Active Directory. Users can also enroll OneDrive sites and mailboxes into the appropriate backup policies. With this feature, administrators can easily manage multi-region backups from one convenient management console. This enables them to quickly recover lost data without wasting valuable resources.

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