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Robert Crimo Doesn’t Exist

Robert Crimo

In a harrowing July Fourth shooting, a young man named robert crimo sprayed gunfire from an apartment rooftop into a crowd of celebrators. He killed seven people and injured 48 others.

Before the massacre, he left a trail of disturbing images on his YouTube account. Among them, he appeared to fantasize about mass shootings.

Robert Crimo is a liar

When we first learned that robert crimo was arrested for the July 4th massacre, we wondered how he could have been able to get so many weapons. He was a young man who appeared to have a strong interest in guns and knives, according to media reports.

When law enforcement officers searched his home in April of this year, they reportedly found an arsenal of knives and other bladed items. It was then that they learned that he had threatened to kill everyone and that he had already tried to commit suicide once.

In fact, he was known to police months before the July 4th shooting, as they had received a report from a relative about him making threatening statements in his family home. In response to the report, authorities confiscated 16 knives, a dagger and a sword from his home.

But he didn’t just make threats against his own family; he also made comments on social media about mass shootings. One of his videos shows a person holding a rifle while he’s sitting on the ground and another shows him laying in blood, apparently killed by police.

His YouTube account, under the name “Awake the Rapper,” is filled with disturbing videos about mass shootings and other horrors. He even drew a sketch of himself getting shot and killed by police with a rifle in hand.

Some of his videos even contain a symbol that looks very similar to that of the far-right Finnish group Suomen Sisu, which carries a message that reads “We are here to die.” It’s possible he used this symbol to reference the murder of Lee Harvey Oswald in 1963.

He also seems to have a soft spot for Trump. He had even attended rallies wearing a “Where’s Waldo” shirt and a Trump flag.

However, he did have some serious problems with reality and seemed to fantasize about mass shootings on social media. For instance, he posted an animated video on his YouTube channel titled “Toy Soldier.”

The video begins by showing a student texting in class while Mr Crimo raps about how he’s going to “fuck this world,” with visuals of a shooter opening fire inside a school and then engaging with police outside.

He is a thief

A man who police say carried out a deadly mass shooting on Monday didn’t exist. Despite a search of social media and video sharing platforms, he doesn’t appear to have any online presence.

Robert Crimo, who is accused of killing seven people in a Chicago parade on the Fourth of July, was not arrested until eight hours after the incident when police took him into custody near Lake Forest. He was identified as a person of interest by the Lake County Major Crime Task Force after surveillance videos showed him hiding in women’s clothing and dropping a rifle into an alley.

He was wearing a pair of women’s jeans, a shirt and a black jacket, and he had facial tattoes on his face, prosecutors said. He also had a holstered pistol in his right pocket.

Prosecutors alleged that Crimo was a thug who was known to police but did not have a criminal record. He had a history of contact with law enforcement, including a brief incident in April when he was confronted by security at a synagogue.

In the months before the attack, Crimo was seen displaying violent imagery on his music videos. He performed as a rapper under the name Awake, and depicted bloody scenes of mass murders in his videos.

According to the New York Times, he had been in contact with police about an attempt to commit suicide, but it was not a violent act and was handled by mental health professionals.

He slipped past the safeguards of an Illinois law designed to prevent people with dangerous tendencies from getting guns, NBC News reports. State police confiscated a collection of knives from Crimo’s home in September but did not arrest him for possessing them.

Another red flag was that Crimo’s father helped his son obtain a gun license three years ago, even though he was not yet an adult. It is illegal to give a gun to someone who has not yet obtained their FOID card.

The 58-year-old father entered a not guilty plea last month to charges that he helped his 19-year-old son obtain the gun license. The indictment against him carries a maximum sentence of three years in prison, though he is free on bail.

He is a racist

If you were to look for robert crimo on the internet, you would not find him. This is because he doesn’t exist, according to his family and friends.

Throughout his childhood, robert crimo suffered from anxiety and depression. He was also addicted to drugs, his uncle Pacileo told CNN.

But despite all these problems, the alleged Highland Park gunman was a very good person, his uncle said. He was a hard worker, he never went to jail and his parents were very supportive of him.

In fact, he even helped his parents buy a house for their youngest son to live in when he was a teenager. When Crimo became 18 and started a relationship with his girlfriend, Pacileo said he was so obsessed with her that he turned to drugs.

He also suffered from a strained relationship with his mother. When he was growing up, he wanted to move out of the family home because he felt like his mother was too controlling and was not helping him in any way.

Then he began posting a lot of racist and anti-Semitic comments on an online forum called Documenting Reality. The site’s founder, Chris Wilson, has been cooperating with authorities regarding Crimo’s posts.

Some of his racist comments were directed at Jews, Black Americans and Asian people. He also posted a picture of his teenage doll and wrote that her “life was a disaster.”

In one post, Crimo made a death date for the doll and used the phrase “I don’t understand why.” Another photo showed a doll sitting in the front seat of his car with her seatbelt fastened, with an inscription saying “she’s been dead for years” and “death date: june 25.”

A search of Crimo’s home found several firearms, including a Smith & Wesson rifle. Those weapons were legally purchased in Illinois, police said.

The shooting suspect was arrested Monday night, hours after he shot and killed six people at a July Fourth parade in the upscale Chicago suburb of Highland Park. He was charged with seven counts of first-degree murder and more charges are expected, Lake County State’s Attorney Eric Rinehart said. He is being held without bond, Rinehart said.

Robert Crimo is a nutjob

Robert crimo doesn’t exist

The suspect in Monday’s deadly parade shooting in Highland Park, Illinois, didn’t exist. He wasn’t born in the state, nor did he live in the town where the attack took place.

Instead, he was raised in the suburbs of Chicago. He was arrested after police found a firearm in his home, but he didn’t commit the crime.

Among other things, he had a long social media history that included disturbing videos and depictions of mass shootings. He also posted a picture of Lee Harvey Oswald, the assassin of President John F. Kennedy, to a website.

He was a self-proclaimed “amateur rapper” under the name Awake the Rapper with about 16,000 Spotify listeners monthly. He also had his own Discord server where he communicated with other people.

On one of his YouTube channels, he made violent and inflammatory comments about school shootings. He also drew a sketch of himself being killed by cops with a gun.

It’s clear that he was a nutjob and someone who believed in his dark fantasies. He even had a Discord community that contained nihilistic memes and references to suicide.

In addition, he had a collection of bladed items in his closet and vowed to kill the people in the house. Several months ago, the family had called police to report he had threatened them.

A family member told the police Crimo vowed to “kill everyone inside of the house” and that he had a collection of knives including a sword, Covelli said. Eventually, he was arrested after a search of the house uncovered a large amount of weapons.

He also had a lengthy history of mental health issues. He had been hospitalized three times in the past six years and he had tried to commit suicide twice. He also had a history of drug use, he told police, and he had been accused of being a child abuser.

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