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Bloody Mabel – Only Murders in the Building (DVD) Review

Bloody Mabel

Bloody Mabel is a fearful person who avoids getting personal with people, but when Oliver and Charles ask her to join their investigation, she agrees. As they work on their podcast, Only Murders in the Building, Mabel begins to doubt her memory of Bunny’s death.

In a recent episode of Only Murders in the Building, Bloody Mabel revealed to Theo that she had suppressed traumatic memories since she was a child. She said it was a way to flip over what she did not want to see.

Bunny’s death

Bunny Folger was the Board President of the Arconia apartment complex and a thorn in everybody’s side. But she was also a big fan of art and had a painting that someone, likely the killer, wanted to get their hands on.

Her death in Season 2 of Only Murders in the Building was a shocker, and it led to a number of questions that needed answers. Mabel, Charles, and Oliver all began wondering who Bunny really was, and what her last day at the Arconia was like before she died.

Mabel also suspected that Bunny’s “mom” Leonora, who showed up at her memorial, was actually Rose Cooper herself. After all, she had an affair with Charles’ father, disappeared to escape an abusive husband, and was a big fan of art.

Meanwhile, Bunny’s assistant Becky is also a big fan of art and has a fixation on a particular painting by Rose Cooper that she found in Bunny’s closet. But she too is a little suspicious of Bunny’s plus-one, who dined with her at the Pickle Diner just before Bunny’s death.

Eventually, Mabel discovers that Bunny’s killer was also a big fan of art, and had a painting she was searching for in her apartment. But she also had a friend who wanted to kill Bunny, and she thought that her boss Cinda Canning might be behind the murder.

With that information, the trio attempts to force Bunny’s murderer into confessing to her murder by staging a killer reveal party. But it doesn’t go as planned, and the murderer is ultimately revealed to be Cinda and Poppy White (Adina Verson).

At the party, Mabel tries to talk her out of believing that she killed Bunny, but Alice is still determined to kill Bunny, and stabs Charles in the stomach. Once Alice is restrained, she praised Mabel for her detective work and offered her a podcast of her own.

But Bunny’s death was just a prelude to a much bigger mystery. Luckily for the trio, they discovered hidden tunnels beneath the Arconia building that were previously unknown to them. They also came across a threatening note that suggested Tim had been meeting with a man named “G.M.” And Winnie, Oliver’s bulldog, had been poisoned.

Theo’s death Bloody Mabel

Mabel’s trauma from her father’s death has been slowly unlocked, and she’s been able to reframe it as an opportunity to help others. She’s now in a position to speak to Theo Dimas (James Caverly) about her fears and misconceptions. It’s a genuinely heartwarming scene, and I’m glad to see Theo back here!

Theo is the first person who Mabel reaches out to when she’s ready, and he makes an excellent case for helping her. His deafness means he can’t communicate with her via ASL, but he’s very patient and understands what she’s trying to say. He’s also a great dad to Bunny, which helps ease her feelings of guilt and frustration.

As she’s talking to Theo, Mabel notices a tracking bracelet on his ankle. She wonders if she’s stabbed someone again, but Theo tells her that he’s unsure. He’s replaying the night Zoe died incessantly, and he’s not sure if she slipped or pushed her.

It’s also interesting to watch Mabel struggle with her father’s death again. She hasn’t been speaking to him since her mom died, and she’s feeling a lot of guilt. She says she wants to apologize, but she doesn’t know how.

She’s still in a state of denial, though. She believes that she stabbed her sister. She also thinks she saw Glitter Guy escaping the night Bunny was killed. Thankfully, Theo has her covered when she tries to take a train to Coney Island to retrieve the bag that Glitter Person left behind in his wake. He’s also willing to drive her.

In the end, Mabel and Theo team up to try and figure out who Glitter Guy is. They spend some time together at Coney Island, searching through employee records. Mabel asks Theo whether the killer is in the files, but he suggests that it’s probably just her — a psycho who goes into fugue states and stabs people.

He and Mabel then take on the claw machine, which gives Theo a prize — a green ring similar to what Zoe had on. Theo doesn’t want to admit that he’s thinking about Zoe, but it makes him wonder if she was slipping or pushing him.

Bloody Mabel death

The story of Mabel’s life is one of a runaway slave who flees from her owner in order to be free. As she runs through the swamps, Mabel disturbs a snake and dies from a snake bite.

While Mabel is present throughout the entire series, it’s the episode of her death that stands out the most. When Mabel is questioned by Donna Williams, she tries to make a case for suicide instead of murder. She is also accused of murder by Charles and Oliver.

However, when she explains her situation to the police, she is able to clear her name and explain her actions. It’s a moment of honesty and vulnerability, and the way it is played out is heartbreaking.

Mabel’s story is an important one, and it’s one that deserves to be told. Her resilience and her ability to find happiness despite her deafness are inspiring, and her story is a reminder that people of color can be powerful and capable.

When Mabel was 14, she fell in love with Grayson, who she believed was her freedom savior. She hoped that his wealth would give her and her daughter Cora the opportunity to leave the plantation. It was only after Grayson passed away that she realized he was a liar.

She was pregnant with Cora and hid her pregnancy, hoping that she could get away from the plantation. When she did, she found a way to survive on Randall, but when she ran away, she left her daughter behind.

Alice had contacted Mabel through her Instagram and invited her to join the art collective. She wanted to be part of it, but she wasn’t sure about its cult-like aspects. She also didn’t want to be a stalker, so she asked Mabel to destroy a painting she had created.

While she was trying to destroy it, Mabel began noticing changes in her body, and Alice had a change of heart. She decided that she liked Mabel more than she had ever thought. She even kissed her.

Mabel was a fierce woman and advocated for women’s rights, but she also suffered her own losses during her lifetime. She was a victim of domestic violence, and her husband walked out on her and their daughter when she was pregnant with their second child.

Oliver’s death

A petition is now up in honour of a teenager who died in hospital after taking medication prescribed for his autism and learning difficulties. The campaign, which was started by Oliver’s mother Paula, is calling for medical professionals to receive mandatory training in mental health. The campaign has also been backed by the mother of Katy Lowry, who died aged 30 after being prescribed medication that could have saved her life.

When the team goes to look for evidence at Bunny’s apartment, they find a note that informs her that someone wanted a painting that was owned by a prominent art gallery. It appears that the owner was framed for a murder and that Bunny didn’t know who was committing the crime.

The team also discovers a threatening note left on Oliver’s door that says he is about to die, and that his bulldog has been poisoned by the same culprit. They then question Howard, their cat-loving neighbor who has vasovagal syncope, about Evelyn’s death. Charles and Bloody Mabel later discover that Howard’s cat, Teddy, left paw prints in Tim’s blood, but they discover that Howard has a rare condition called vasovagal syncope that causes him to pass out if he sees blood.

Oliver returns to Mabel’s apartment and tries to get Alice to reveal what she is hiding. She tells him that she and Mabel were seeing each other, but he is adamant that it can’t be her, and then plays them the “Son of Sam” game at Mabel’s apartment.

During the game, the lights are dimmed and one partygoer falls to the ground. Oliver then calls for a vote. Charles and Mabel agree that Oliver’s son is the killer, but not Oliver.

In another scene, the team is discussing the secret door that connects to a passageway in Bloody Mabel apartment. Mabel tries to talk through it, but the team can’t hear her. They decide to look for clues and notice a bloody matchbox lying at the entrance.

Then, when the team comes back to Bloody Mabel apartment, she notices that a matchbox is lying next to the secret passageway. It is a clue that the killer has set up a party at Bloody Mabel place. It doesn’t take long for the trio to figure out who’s behind the murder.

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