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How to Transfer Money to Ukraine from Canada


Many people wonder how to send money to Ukraine from the USA and Canada. Meest, the largest carrier in the world, has responded to the rapidly increasing volume of money transactions between Ukrainians and individuals from various parts of the world who wish to assist them. So, let’s find out how to transfer money to Ukraine with Meest and what conditions the client agrees to.

What Are the Options to Transfer Money to Ukraine?

For your recipient to receive the maximum amount of a money transfer in Ukraine, you need to choose the most favorable conditions offered by your operator. You will not regret your decision, having decided on Meest as your money guide. In order not to confuse their customers, they are offered to select the most convenient from 2 main options:

  1. Transfer to Ukrainian PrivatBank and Bank Aval: of course, some limits are so high that noni will not burden you – up to 400,000 hryvnias (about USD 10,000) per 1 recipient in 1 banking day.
  2. Many customers choose to have money delivered to an address by courier, which is much safer than bank transactions. Again, there is a choice: receiving cash in US dollars, Canadian dollars, or hryvnias.

If your financial resources allow you to transfer more than USD 10,000, this step must be coordinated with the support service at

What Rates to Expect?

Of course, the most exciting question is how much it costs to send money. No one wants to leave half the amount to the operator when transferring. Naturally, the commission will largely depend on the country, sometimes even on the city from which the transfer is made. The amount you will send also plays a role – the more significant the amount, the higher the commission. What does the Meest suggest?

If you send money through a Privatbank, your percentage will be:

  • The operator takes USD 6 when sending USD 10-100.
  • If your amount does not exceed USD 500-600, your commission is USD 16.
  • When you ship USD 900-1000b, USD 23 will be charged.
  • When sending money to Ukraine through Aval Bank, the amount may differ by USD 1-2.

Delivery to the door to the address will cost USD 15 if the amount does not exceed USD 1500. To understand how much the door-to-door service costs, it is worth summing up the cost of delivery + the cost of money transfer according to your amount. More exact price to transfer money to a Ukrainian card or bank is placed on the official site table.

A List of Priorities When Choosing an Operator

To decide about the best provider of international money transfers, you should do some research and consider the following indicators:

  • What countries does the service support?
  • Commission for an international transfer.
  • Speed ​​of international transactions.
  • Online platform and support for clients.

This will help you choose the best way to send money to Ukraine from Canada.

All money transfer options selected on the Meest website are safe, so you do not have to worry about the security and confidentiality of the money transfer. The site is available in English, Russian, and Ukrainian, where you can easily find a solution to your problem (in the FAQ section). Help is available by phone at any time.

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